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1.5 oz Apoterra Vitamin C Balm provides a potent treatment to plump fine lines, repair hyperpigmentation and revive the skin barrier — all while enhancing the ultimate glow. 

Vitamin C Regenerative Balm

  • This thick, creamy blend of highly concentrated organic plant butters & oils revitalize sensitive, dry skin; using phytoceramides to help strengthen the skin and improve buoyancy.

    Alongside those oils are a team of skin-repairing antioxidants, a phytonutrient infusion, and active botanicals working hard to even out tone and texture. In the summer, we love this balm to repair from sun exposure, whereas in winter it provides a great protective barrier against harsh cold, wind and dryness. Many Apoterra fans also love this balm as an eye cream or lip treatment.

     Read more in the "Why these Ingredients work" tab for more juicy details on the magic of this balm!

    Contraindication: If you have a thyroid condition in which you must avoid all iodine rich ingredients/products, we recommend discussing with your primary health physician and starting with a sample to patch test the product as sea buckthorn oil is naturally rich in iodine.

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