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Meet Kayla

Student of Nature

Kayla is a guide for women to experience Harmony in their mind, body and spirit through Holistic Skin Therapy and Herbal Wisdom. She is not your typical Esthetician, she provides a sacred space of professional education, personal experience and Ancient Beauty Rituals for her clients to receive, rejuvenate and heal.


 My Story

Welcome Friends!​

I'm a Licensed Holistic Esthetician, Licensed Cosmetologist, Evolutionary Herbalist, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach and Acne Specialist.

I'll start with a bit of background. I'm from a small agriculture town in Northern California where I began my journey as a Make-up Artist, Cosmetologist. then Esthetician and Yogi.

I fell in love with the beauty industry at a young age as I struggled with various types of Acne and hormonal Imbalances. After over 16 years of trying to 'fix' my acne with topical prescriptions, internal medications prescribed by my Dermatologist, and any skincare product recommended, I realized something very important. My acne would not be healed through outer solutions, and that this was the call to go within.

This realization years ago led me into a beautiful world of holistic remedies, understanding food intolerances & the gut microbiome, and Nature's gift of Herbal Medicine. It even helped me open my perspective on how I took care of myself emotionally and mentally.


My healing journey was (and still is) not an easy process as healing Acne comes with many layers of lessons and sometimes big lifestyle changes. It was a call to go deeper, and I am eternally grateful for my experiences as it has led me into my beautiful practice today.

This is where IN HARMONY Holistic Skin Therapy was Birthed.

I have dedicated the last 10+ years of my life to researching and understanding Acne, the Anatomy & Physiology of our Organ Systems, the Emotional Component to Acne, Skincare Ingredients, Plants/Herbs, Grounding Rituals, Spiritual Concepts, and more. The list is never ending, and feeds my passion for bringing this wisdom to others.

Most importantly, I want my clients to HEAL. My intention is to give beautiful therapeutic facials, educate, and empower my clients to realign themselves and connect with their own Intuition. 

 The best part is, I cultivate each session specifically for the individual.

I am here to be of service and share my gifts with you!

Take a real look at my Acne Journey

Acne B&A2_edited.jpg
Acne B&A.JPG


  • Certified Life Coach~ Yoga & Life Coaching LLC 2021

  • Certified Gua Sha Practitioner ~ Green Beauty Academy 2021

  • Vitalism Herbalist Program ~ School of Evolutionary Herbalism 2020

  • 200 Certified Yoga Teacher Training ~ Bali Yoga School 2019

  • Wild n Rooted Herbalist Apprenticeship 2017

  • Licensed Esthetician ~ California Beauty College 2016

  • Licensed Cosmetologist ~ Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy 2015


Holistic Facials, 

Acne Coaching, and Professional Trainings


Skincare with


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