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Have you experienced the skin-changing magic of oil cleansing? Massage this oil into your skin and add water to magically turn it into a rich, hydrating milk that will effortlessly remove makeup and debris without stripping your skin

Vetiver Illuminating Oil Cleanser

  • 4 Fl oz, This Vetiver Oil Cleanser is the 2023 Winner of Best Oil Cleanser for the Earth Day Awards by Healing Lifestyles!

    An absolute necessity for those experiencing blackheads, breakouts or dry skin, cleansing with this oil daily will leave your skin feeling bright, clean and hydrated. Formulated with black cumin seed and tamanu oils for their antibacterial and brightening properties, and a blend of vetiver, lime, grapefruit and cedar essential oils for a grounding yet uplifting aroma to bookend your day.

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