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4oz. Ground your Nervous System with Deep Nourishment 

The Rosehip & Reishi Body Oil is a gorgeous blend of soothing hydration, rich antioxidants and intimate connection with self.

Experience the Mother of Mushrooms- Reishi-and her compassionate nature to gently comfort your skin and replenish tired nerves.

Rosehip & Reishi Body Oil

  • Grounded Compassionate Connection is the intention behind creating this beautiful body oil blend. In it's simplicty comes nourishment for tired frazzled nerves, and connection to the heart. Rosehip and Reishi Body Oil is suitable for every skin type and will send you into a peaceful state of connection with self.


    About the herbs:

    Rosehips are a powerful antioxidant in Skincare as it naturally contains high levels of Vitamin C helping to fight free radical damage. Rosehips are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that soften and improve skin barrier function making it a super healer for wounds while also deeply moisturizing. Rosehips is connected to Venus and water, making it a special companion for Love within self or romance.

    Reishi Mushroom is known in the herbalism world as the Mother of the Underworld, as she acts as the nervous system for all plants, trees, mushrooms. and all living beings on land. We are indeed a part of Nature, therefore Reishi's unique ability to nourish and rejuvenate the nervous system anchors in the essence of peace. 

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