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4oz. Upgrade your skincare with living hydration!

Incredibly refreshring Neroli & Blood orange Hyrdosol Facial Mist is the perfect addition to optimize hydration and keep skin glowing! 

It's time to replace your dull facial toners and sprays to a plant active hydrosol.

Neroli & Blood Orange Hydrosol

  • If you haven't heard of Hydrosols, listen up! 

    Hydrosol mists offer refreshing hydration with the magical essence of plants!

    What is a Hydrosol?   A Hydrosol is an Alchemical process through which fresh plant matter (Neroli for example) is added into a copper distill and goes a distillation process via steam. When plant matter has been fully extracted and distilled, there are 2 beauiful liquids that are separately dripped into a glass jar. One being the Hydrosol, and the other being the Essential Oil.

    Hydrosols are incredible for Skincare because the molecular size of the liquid. It is small enough to penetrate the epidermis layers of the skin and absorbs quickly into the tissues leaving your skin hydrated, dewy, and in communion with the plant (ex;Neroli).

    So What is the difference between a Toner and Hydrosol? Alcohol based toners can strip the skin of it's natural precious oils, which can damage the skin's natural protective barrier function leading to transepidermal waterloss and dehydration. Our Neroli Hyrdosols encapsulte the spirit of the plant making it a beautiful replacement for alcohol based toners that don't add much value to skin health.

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