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Designed to use with facial oil for draining lymphatic fluid,  improving qi and blood flow, and plumping fine lines and wrinkles to rejuvenate the skin and tissue.

Glass Facial Cups

    1. 2 glass Facial cups in two sizes, The large cup desigend for areas like the Cheeks, Jawline, Neck and Decolette. The smaller cup designed for more detailed precision like the eye and forehead area.
    2. A white magnetic storage box to keep your cups safe and clean.
  • Apply facial oil to clean skin and begin by opening the neck first to allow for smooth lymphatic drainage. Use the suction cups by squeezing the silicon part with the glass cup against flat against your skin and release the squeeze to allow the suction to grap onto the tissue. Immediately, but slowly start to glide the cup downward starting at the neck and moving towards the subclavicular node in the chest. After opening the neck 2-3 glides, start the cups at center of the face and glide outwards towards the ears while the skin remains taut.  Work your way up each side of the face by following these same motions from the center of the face out towards the ears. (This is the pattern lymphatic fluid drains) Be sure to work slowly and lightly around the eyes and forehead.

    *Don't forget to drain thoroughly down the neck to the subclavicular node to ensure fluid doesn't get stuck in the neck. 

    For visual guidance, Kayla has provided a wonderful how-to video on her Instagram @KAYLARENNER

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