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Give your Nervouse Sytem a hug. Meet Milky Oats- Aveena Sativa




Milky Oats Tincture

  • Meet Milky Oats- Aveena Sativa

    Milky Oats is a Nervine Trophorestorative, meaning she rebuilds and nourishes the Nervous System! Milky Oats has been known to help restore Nerves that are over-run, by creating resiliency and strength in the Myelin Sheith.

    Milky Oats will not sedate, but she is known to calm the Nervous system by creating a soothing effect that some say feels like a cozy hug. (Think of oatmeal and the nourishment it provides, Milky Oats comes from the same plant!)

    She is enegetically neutral-cooling, so great for burnt out and anyone prone to hot temper or radiating anxiety. 

  • Fresh Milky Oat Tops (Aveena Sativa), Cane Alcohol.

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