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Queen of the Thrones® is the #1 practitioner-recommended original less-mess & reusable Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver Kit designed by a naturopathic doctor to support liver detox, lymphatic drainage and colon cleansing.

*Hormone balance

*Deep sleep

*Constipation and bloating relief

*Inflammation and leaky gut

*Less stress and anxiety


When you wear your Castor Oil Pack for Liver, it engages your body’s natural healing mechanisms and helps shift you from a stressed state to the ‘rest & digest’ state so you can promote:

~Liver Detox - Local liver inflammation is reduced and blood flow is increased, supporting the detoxification process.

~Lymphatic Drainage - The gentle compression of the pack over your liver area (highly concentrated with lymph and circulatory vessels) supports lymphatic drainage and cleansing.

~Colon cleansing - Microbiome balance is improved, gut inflammation is reduced and movement of the gut is supported which enhances digestion, absorption and better elimination.

Yes, both the Pack and the Castor oil are ESSENTIAL for all of these benefits.

Castor Oil Pack - LIVER KIT - Queen Of The Thrones

  • 1. Organic Castor Oil Liver Pack- made with organic cotton flannel, polyurethane (PUL) - Non-toxic, eco-friendly, less-mess layer naturally holds in body heat, and nylon straps for comfortable stretch and sleep, and

    2. Organic Castor Oil 16.9oz - 100% pure, certified organic, extra virgin cold-pressed, hexane-free, and bottled in amber glass

    *Freeof chemicals, flame retardants, dyes, & bleach.

    This Castor Oil Pack is form-fitting like a second skin, and so comfortable you can sleep in it.

  • Step 1: Pour 1-2 tbsp of Organic Castor Oil onto the soft cotton side of your Castor Oil Pack.

    Step 2: Place your pack over your liver area (right side below rib cage), and tie it in place.

    That’s it! Wear your Castor Oil Pack for Liver for a minimum of 2 hours. or overnight. For optimal benefits, we recommend wearing your pack 3-6x a week.

    Avoid use while menstruating and pregnant.

    For hygiene, apply fresh Castor Oil each time and replace your pack every 3-4 months. !

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